Authentic Szechuan style noodles & street food

How it all began ...

I grew up in a small town in Sichuan, a province in the heart of China renowned for the Szechuan peppercorn - an unique ingredient widely used in Szechuan cuisine.

I recall during my childhood, my mother and I often visited a noodle bar located at the end of an alleyway. They had a signature dish, 'noodle and steamed beef in bamboo' which was my favourite of all time. The spicy and numbing dishes were so delicious and mouth-watering. We also enjoyed the incredible of variety of street food, from the chilling iced jelly, to the flaming hotpot skewers. There were just too many sweet memories that paint a vivid picture of the taste of my hometown.

Since I moved to Manchester, I have been cooking these dishes at home, sharing the food of my childhood with families and friends. Nothing brings me more joy than looking at the happy faces when they are trying these food. Now, I am very honoured to have the opportunity to share some of my favourite dishes from my hometown with you. I truly hope you enjoy the taste of original Szechuan flavour crafted using authentic Szechuan ingredients.

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